Rhythm for Reading - sustainable reading intervention for schools

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Rhythm for Reading is a group reading intervention programme for 5 to 15 year olds that uniquely doesn't use words!

This rhythm-based approach has been researched in a five year study at UCL Institute of Education.

The Rhythm for Reading programme streams a system of resources into classrooms via a secure portal, enabling teachers to accelerate students’ phonological processing, reading accuracy, fluency, engagement and comprehension.

By dramatically improving students' interest and ability to assimilate the content of what they are reading, Rhythm for Reading acts as a powerful catalyst for the acquisition of knowledge.

Fluency and feeling in reading

22 March 2024

Image credit: CDC via Unsplash
Image credit: CDC via Unsplash

Fluency refers to the flowing qualities in the reading. And these flowing qualities… (read more)

Has the teaching of synthetic phonics addressed ‘Matthew effects’?

15 March 2024

Image credit: Marisa Howenstine
Image credit: Marisa Howenstine

‘Matthew effects’

Given everything that educational researchers have uncovered about reading and the attainment gap between socially… (read more)

Sharing Stories: Reflections on World Book Day

8 March 2024

Image credit: Steve Libralon via Unsplash
Image credit: Steve Libralon via Unsplash

Our love of stories, whether fiction or non-fiction creates an appetite… (read more)